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    Moving RAID from ICH9R to Z87



      Im thinking about buying a new motherboard but I have no idea if it will handle my RAID just like that.

      Currently I have Gigabyte x38-DS5 with ICH9R controller and 4x Samsung HD502HJ in RAID 10 connected to it.

      I want to move everything without data loss to a Z87 motherboard.


      1. Will this work?

      2. What is actually the name of Raid controller on Z87? (I couldnt find the name anywhere)

      3. Are new Raid controllers compatible with older controllers like ICH9R or ICH10R?


      Thanks in advance,


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          Morel thanks for joining the community.

          I see you have new computer and like to move existing RAID volume.


          Since chipset models X38 and Z87 support same RAID configuration (RAID 10), yes, this will work. As long as your RAID level is not bootable, only storage.


          The Z87 RAID controller is called Platform Controller Hub (PCH), see information about the chipset below:



          If you mean compatible on RAID level, yes, new controllers will support RAID ready, RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5 and RAID 10.

          I hope this help you, if you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us again.



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            Thank you very much for your answer.

            I forgot to use my chance for asking one more thing:


            Do new Intel raid controllers increase read speed of Raid 1 or 10? ICH9R isn't from what I can see ...

            I mean:

            1. Is Raid 1 read speed ~2x read speed of a single drive?

            2. Is Raid 10 read speed ~4x read speed of a single drive?



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              Hi Morel,


              Please bear in mind that the RAID controller on your system is a software/hardware RAID solution, which means that the data stripping is calculated by the processor and using the system resources, in addition the performance may be affected by the rest of the software running on the background, the performance test application being used, the type of memory and processor installed and also the settings of the performance tester which may have a big impact on the results.

              I regret to inform you that Intel does not evaluate the performance of the specific RAID configurations used.


              For more information about Intel components and performance try the link below: