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    Intel Storage manager not showing sata drives in RAID at all




      I have an asrock z87 Pro4 motherboard with win 8.1 installed.


      I failed to change the BIOS setting for the SATA from AHCI to RAID and the storage manager doesn't show the drives or the volume.


      The OS is installed on a SSD which the RSM can see (along with the atapi drive)


      The OS sees the raid fine and it appears to be working ok but one of the drives does sound like it is reinitializing during normal usage, frequency is about once a week to every 2 weeks.


      The RSM is popping up an error notification though.

      It says that: "Your system is reporting one or more events and data my be at risk."


      So it appears that on some level it CAN see the drive's SMART information.


      I tried changing the bios setting from ahci to RAID and I get a blue screen every time the pc restarts with the sata set to raid... the only fix it to change it back to ahci.


      I have a new drive to replace the failing one but who knows if the array would rebuild properly? (add to that i'm not 100% certain which of the drives is failing)


      Worth noting, the array was built in a different computer and both drives were moved to the pc they are in now, this is probably playing a factor in my issue as well.


      The only course forward I can see is to wipe my boot partition, change the bios setting, and reinstall win 8.1.... I really don't want to do that though.


      OR maybe if I disconnect one drive the RSM would show the remaining one? But then what if the good drive is the one I disconnect and it rebuilds based on the failing drive (which may or may not fail during the rebuild leaving me high and dry)