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    DX58SO PCI-E Edge Connectors


      I have an Intel DX58SO MOBO in my PC. I recently had a leak in my Liquid Cooling System (LCS) and coolant dripped down on to my Powercolor, Inc.  AMD HD 6990 discrete graphics card along where the HD 6990 edge connector connects to the J7UB edge connector on my DX58SO MOBO. I have found it very difficult to completely clean the J7UB edge connector on the DX58SO so I was wondering if I could use the other DX58SO edge connector labeled J6UB? This edge connector is farthest in distance from the core i7 model 920 CPU on this mother board.


      The HD 6990 discrete graphics card contains 2 physical GPUs in a CrossFireX configuration on this one physical card.


      I run both Win 7 Pro and Win 8.1 in a dual boot configuration on my PC.




      Aidan P.