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    Next great job at DN2820FYKH


      The new Windows 7 USB3.0 drivers are great.

      After installing and reboot, no one of the 3 USB ports will work, they are dead.

      Under safety mode and in the bios, everything will work. Drivers unistalled, every port will run, but the front-usb not as a 3.0.

      Intel, do your homework, FAST.

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          That's not encouraging news.


          What version of Win 7 are you using? 32bit or 64bit? Windows 7 Home or Windows 7 Professional?

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            64bit and tried with professional and ultimate.

            At this point, i think this nuc is a big crap. is it developed by intel or by....?

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              i confirm that on windows 7 64 bits my mouse and keyboard are not recognised (they work fine when i'm in the visual bios screen). What a big disapointment ! :(

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                Hi all,


                Last Friday, before we posted this driver, I had installed it on my lab system and it worked just fine. I got in this morning and fired up the NUC and I see that mouse and keyboard are not working.


                Here is a workaround to get back to the generic USB driver: Boot into Safe mode with F8.  In Control Panel > Programs and Features, uninstall the Intel USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller Driver.


                I will pull this driver back down off of Download Center immediately and alert the driver team.




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                  The bad USB 3 driver is still in the bundled download WYK-WYB-Win7-64bit-Driver-Bundle-Mar2014.zip

                  Safe Mode did not work for me, I assume because it loads the USB drivers as part of the basic Safe Mode driver set.  I had to use the F8 > "Last Know Good Configuration (advanced)" option.

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                    Hi piperfect,


                    Thank you for the information on Last Known Good Configuration. The USB3 driver in the WYK-WYB bundle is a different version completely and so has not been pulled.



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                      EDIT: Nevermind - it looks like that bundle isn't for the DN2820FYK...

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                        There is now an updated BIOS version - 0028 - available at https://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=Y&DwnldID=23716. It contains a couple of USB-related fixes.


                        I did some preliminary testing after I updated my lab system to this version, and it appears that the USB 3.0 driver version that was failing before now works. I'm going to pound on it a little bit more before I re-release that USB 3.0 driver to Download Center, but if you also still have that driver package saved locally, you might want to try it after updating your BIOS.




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                          Guys, below you would be able to find the USB 3.0 driver for this NUC.

                          Please make sure you follow the workaround to make it work:



                          How to install

                          *****  WARNING  *****
                          Do not run this driver's installer (Setup.exe) from a USB storage device (i.e. external USB hard drive or USB thumb drive). For proper installation, please copy driver files to a local hard drive folder and run from there.

                          After installing this USB 3.0 driver, your USB keyboard and mouse may not work in Windows*. This is only a driver installation related problem and is currently under investigation. Follow these steps to solve this problem:

                          1. During boot, press F8 to access the Advanced Boot Options menu.
                          2. Select "Last Known Good Configuration (advanced)".

                          The USB keyboard and mouse should now work in Windows.

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                            Issue is still current using USB driver from the September Complete Driver Pack and also using BIOS 040.

                            USB is simply not functional using the Intel drivers. Built in Windows drivers are the only way to make the machine function with USB currently (albeit USB 2.0).