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    Intel Rapid Start Technology | Overclocking RAM

      • I am a common end user.
      • Is there any information about Intel Rapid Start Technology and overclocking RAM including with Intel XMP profile?
      • Including users that have experience with Intel Rapid Start functioning in the same configuration with DIMMs overclocked?

      The symptom I need information about is: after Intel Rapid Start transitions to S4 state with any DIMMs overclock setting enabled, including XMP profile 1, or 2 the computer wakes right back up, then complains that the overclock has failed. Then press F1 to run setup, or F2 to load defaults.

      If there is any official information regarding whether or not Intel Rapid Start is compatible with overclocked RAM can someone share a hyperlink to that source? Is there any information about specific timings that need to be applied that will allow Intel Rapid Start to function? Are there any users at all that have enabled overclocked RAM in conjunction with using Intel Rapid Start Technology which would indicate my particular motherboard is the culprit?

      Lastly why does the Windows task manager performance tab indicate the XMP specified MHz instead of what the BIOS indicates?