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    DH57JG power-on issue with some PSU model




      Im new to this forum, hope find help to my problem.


      I'm using DH57JG MB from time and now I have a serious issue.

      I used several of these MBs and all was fine.


      Now I have the issue at power-on using a new PSU supplier.

      The PSU is OK with other model of MB and the MB are OK with other model of PSU.


      It seems some "interoperability" issue between DH57JG MB and this PSU model ( YH-5301C ).


      The problem is that at power-on the MB seems to turn-on, but no video output and no power to USB ports.

      Fans are powered as well as the PCIe bus.

      After some minutes, no activity, and MB switch off the PSU in power-down mode and try a restart by itself,

      but no success.


      Only way to get boot is to power OFF power plug, wait some time and retry. Very unstable operation,

      but in case power-on is fine, all is working OK.


      Power rate and other specs are OK.


      Any hints?



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          Welcome to Intel communities Alfred.  I will be more than glad to assist you on your inquire.

          I was trying to find information on the new power supply model number YH-5301C, but I couldn’t find any. It looks like this component was manufactured on China.


          So, the motherboard used to work with another power supply, is this correct?


          Have you tried by removing the CMOS battery for a couple of hours, or test the system out of the chassis?

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            Thank you for your hint that I tried. Unfortunately it was not enough and issue is still there.


            The PSU is manufactured by  company: 3Y Power Technology, Fortron Source Group.

            The full model code is:  YH5301-1CAR.  If it could be usefull for you, I can send picture of

            plate and chassis, with all details. This is a Dual Redundant PSU.


            Is there any measurement we can do on power voltage (we have tools, like voltage meter and scope) ?


            Thanks, Alfred

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              Alfred, this is a 300 watts power supply, which according to the TPS it is enough power for your motherboard. However, if you are using video card, hard drives and any other devices, a bigger power supply will be necessary.

              Please test the system using another power supply and let me know the results.