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    Help with MCE Error Analysis


      Our server exhibits several MCE errors which I cannot analyse further because

      I cannot find the meaning of the error codes. After further research it was suggested

      to ask the chip vendor for help. I would be very thankful for any ideas, opinions or

      clarifications any of you could give me.


      The board supports Linux OS. The system is:
      Proxmox Version: 3.0-23/957f0862

      Kernel: 2.6.32-20-pve


      The following logs are attached:


      kern.log.zip - The zip compressed kernel log from 2 days, showing very early after reboot MCE errors

      mcelog.zip - The zip compressed log from the mce error logging tool "mcelog"

      lspci - The configuration of the system as shown by lspci -vv


      lscpu gives the following information:


      Architecture:      x86_64
      CPU op-mode(s):    32-bit, 64-bit
      Byte Order:        Little Endian
      CPU(s):            24

      On-line CPU(s) list:   0-23

      Thread(s) per core:2
      Core(s) per socket:6
      Socket(s):         2
      NUMA node(s):      2
      Vendor ID:         GenuineIntel
      CPU family:        6
      Model:             45
      Stepping:          7
      CPU MHz:           2194.845
      BogoMIPS:          4388.82
      Virtualization:    VT-x
      L1d cache:         32K
      L1i cache:         32K
      L2 cache:          256K
      L3 cache:          15360K
      NUMA node0 CPU(s): 0-5,12-17
      NUMA node1 CPU(s): 6-11,18-23


      Thank you very much