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    DQ77MK fails after a few months when running 24/7


      I bought an DQ77MK last year and was able to use it for a few months before it created an electrical short near one of the holes for the CPU fan, leaving black scorch marks on the board and rendering the board defect. Luckily the CPU (4th gen quad-core i7) and memory appeared to be still functioning. I had one of those big CPU coolers from a well-known brand installed and at that time contributed it to that cooler, although I never had any problems with similar CPU coolers on previous Intel motherboards. So I ordered a new DQ77MK, and now, after running 24/7 for a few months, it starts tripping the power supply after a few hours. I replaced the power supply but the same issue exists. The power supplies have ample power, and the system ran in the same configuration for several months without a problem. I suspect an overload created on the motherboard, causing the power supply to shut down. The power supply comes back after a few seconds but the motherboard is locked up. I can restart the computer after some time, but a few hours later the same thing happens.

      So I just ordered a third DQ77MK (for the time being this is the easiest to get my system up and running again without re-install of Windows 7 and all the apps). Wondering how long that is going to last.

      I used several Intel motherboards over the years, and some of the have been running 24/7 for years without a hitch (including a motherboard with a gen-3 i7 quad core CPU.

      Wondering if other people are experiencing the same problems.

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          Hi iXantippe,


          I am really sorry to hear you’re facing this problem with the Intel® board but let me help you.


          Based on your description, I recommend you checking the thermal paste on the processor. If you are using the system 24/7 the thermal paste lifespan will decrease and will be necessary to change it for a new one.


          Also, I recommend you to check the cooler is connected in the correct way because the unit when having overheating problems, by security reasons will automatically shut down itself.


          You can also try the BIOS update. Here is the latest update:



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            I have water cooling for the CPU, and the (silver) paste has been on the micro for only a few months. I have a second system with a different (older) Intel M/B with a quad-core i7 which runs also 24/7 and the same paste on that one is over a year in place and it still runs without hitches. I monitor the CPU temperature continuously and I never see it rise above 50 degrees Celsius (idle around 35-40 degrees Celsius), even under moderate to heavier load. I know the CPU will protect itself when it overheats, but it doesn't get anywhere near the critical temperature. I have been contemplating about a BIOS update but the system has been running 24/7 for months without issues. It is only recently (about a week ago) that the system started to experience these problems.

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              Hmm. Did some more digging on the internet today. The board that got scorched was a G39642-400 version. Just got my new DQ77MK board and it is version G39642-500. I found PCN111765-02 (Intel Product Change Notification) which states that "The PCB is being changed (from revision -401 to -500) to provide additional margin for the VR (Voltage Regulator) when exceeding the VR temperatures under stress conditions." Wondering if the board I am having trouble with is also an pre-500 version. Being powered 24/7, with the weather here getting warmer here, this could explain the issues observed. The CPU might keep its head cool but it could be that the VR is getting too warm for its liking, which would explain why the power supply trips.Will check the board version I am having trouble with when I get a chance.


              For completeness, the board version update from version -400 to version -401 is described in PCN111911-00 and is a BIOS update from MKQ7710H.86A.0039 to MKQ7710H.86A.0054.

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                Thanks for the information. I will check on this.

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                  I installed the board I received yesterday, and so far so good after 12 hours run-time. I checked the board I was having problems with and it is a -401 version (BIOS update, not the VR change yet). I loaded the latest BIOS (0064) on the new board, just to be sure. For the record, the CPU actually is an i5-3550 (not an i7 as I mentioned before). 32G memory installed, and dedicated NVIDIA graphics card, No overclocking, just default BIOS settings except for the SATA RAID, but that shouldn't have anything to do with it. Will keep my fingers crossed and see if the system will keep running (24/7).

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                    Thanks for the feedback.