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    List of arduino sensors (off the shelf) that work with Galileo


      Hello there,


      I though that I would set up a thread to lists sensors (off the shelf) that were originally designed for Arduino boards but are also compatible with Galileo.


      It is intended to be reference point for people who are new to Arduino and would like to learn while building simple sensor projects. I suppose the 3 main areas for sensors are:


      1. Ambient air quality - VOC, CO, NO, temperature/pressure/humidity etc
      2. Breath sensing: H2S (bad breath), Blood Alcohol
      3. Health related - heart rate, blood pressure, EEG, ECG, EMG, GSR (sweating)

      Please feel free to add content and discuss.

      I will start off the discussion by asking does anybody know if the e-health sensor shield  for Arduino is compatible with Galileo?