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    Disable Intel Update Manager


      I am trying to iron out an issue on an image for the Company that I work for.


      The Intel Update Manager is giving me a lot of trouble.  I know that it is a nice feature to automatically update drivers for Intel productions but this software will cause more trouble than be useful.


      I have searched the web and on here and there is nothing on how to disable it or remove it.  Does anyone know how to disable software or remove it?

      Thank you.

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          Thanks for joining the community; I hope next steps will help on this matter:

          To uninstall the Intel Update Manager, visit add/remove programs in the control panel and remove the program.



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            I don't see any items in Add/Update Manager that says: Intel Update Manager. I see:


            Intel PROSet/Wireless Software for Bluetooth

            Intel Rapid Start Technology

            Intel WiDi

            Intel Graphics Driver

            Intel Management Engine Components

            Intel PROSet/Wireless Software

            Intel SDK for OpenCL

            Intel SerialIO


            What can I try next. I too need to disable this update manager. I believe it is crippling my laptop.


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              Thanks for getting back to our community. Sorry about the trouble but there is no specific support area that handles this software.  I am trying to do my best to help on this matter.

              You can also try to uninstall the software by following this path


              C:\Program Files(x86)\Intel\Intel(R) Update Manager

              Uninstaller Tool


              Or check if there are any services running when you open Task manager and stop the services from there.



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                Sorry for the confusion.  I have been able to do some research on the issue.  This piece of hidden software is not the Intel Update Manager which helps you get updated drivers when you upgrade from Windows7 to Windows8.


                We currently using Windows7.  The popup calls itself the Intel Update Manager.  Which states that there is a new version of the Intel Widi Software.  We do not allow auto updates due to testing is needed before updates are pushed out to end users if needed.  So there is a need to completely remove this software or if that is not an option, to completely disable it.


                What we have found so far are 2 .exe that run.  But these could not be found in the msconfig / Startup.

                1. updateui.exe

                2. ismagent.exe


                As stated in your previous post, there is the uninstaller.  But it does not remove it, the uninstaller only fails.

                C:\Program Files(x86)\Intel\Intel(R) Update Manager

                Uninstaller Tool


                I believe this software is not self contained.  It works in tandem with other software but I have not yet been able to lock it down from where it comes from.


                At this time I have only been able to find only one solution.  It looks like the Intel Update Manager is part of the Intel System Manager which puts an entry into the Windows 7 Task Scheduler.  Below are the 2 tasks.

                1. ISM-UpdateService-e57b59e7-5862-4250-9ce0-76fb411dc0d2

                2. ISM-UpdateService-e57b59e7-5862-4250-9ce0-76fb411dc0d2-Logon


                These 2 items can be deleted or disabled with in the task scheduler and that, so far, appears to have stopped the update prompts.


                I would also like to know the following.

                1. What software/driver install would have come with this?

                2. Can the Intel Update Manager / Intel System Manager (ISM) be removed/uninstalled?

                3. Is the only way to disable/remove it, is from the Windows Task Scheduler?  If this is the only option, will this stop it permananetly for update checks and notification?

                4. Will this also stop it for cureent and new users who logon to a computer?


                Thank you.

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                  Thank you for the information. I am sorry but I will not be able to provide the information you have requested. At this stage, I recommend engage through different support area, this is the software developer zone and post your concern at: