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    Help with Matrix Storage/RST with PM45 chipset (ICH9M-E/H SATA AHCI)



      This is a compound question touched on by several other individual threads here. I have a Qosmio G50-12K with a Mobile PM45 Express chipset which originally arrived with Vista Ultimate 32bit (soon after delivery, Toshiba sent me upgrade disks for Win 7 Ultimate). This meant that I was thankful to leave Vista and looked for Win7 drivers on the Toshiba site, however it now appears that I never upgraded any Matrix Storage driver beyond as it is the last driver available.


      A few weeks ago, I upgraded the original HDD to a Seagate 1TB hybrid (cloning the Win7 OS) and everything seemed fine, except for some Windows Explorer glitches (Explorer has stopped responding and closed as did programs) though I've been getting these for a good few months already before the migration, My main problem started a few days ago where Windows Update stopped working at all, as did the Windows Troubleshooting functions. Needless to say, I tried all options/solutions with no result, other than I found mention of the need to upgrade the Matrix Storage driver so as to cater to the larger hybrid Seagate disk.

      I slowly became aware that Matrix Storage was replaced by RST but still am apprehensive about bunging a new driver in that would make the notebook inoperable, e.g. My current drivers in Device Manager are:

      Mobile Intel 4 Series Chipset PCI Express Root Port - 2A41:
      Mobile Intel 4 Series Chipset Processor to DRAM Controller - 2A40:

      ICH9M-E/H SATA AHCI Controller:

      ICH9 Family Port Controllers 1-6:


      Can somebody please advise how I should go about updating drivers in order to exploit full functionality, with a view to upgrading current OS

      to an SSD along with a dual boot 64bit Win7. I'm avoiding Win 8 until I buy a new laptop or until it's ironed out/superseded by an XP/Win7 equivalent. There is little point in posting on the Toshiba forum at this stage because the closest post that comes to addressing my problem has been closed: Toshiba Support Forums: Qosmio G50-129 - Can't run Windows 7 ....