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    Intel HD4000 Bad Opengl support and missing extension.


      Hello One thing is that many entries currently no support in current drivers testing by with Windows 8.1 x64

      no idea if this issue Windows only related.

      TODO LIST :


      Opengl 3.0
      Missing and unsupported


























      For Opengl 3.1
      missing and not supported





      For Opengl 3.2
      Missing and not supported
      - glGetInteger64i_v

      - glGetBufferParameteri64v

      - glProgramparameteri

      - glFramebufferTexture

      - glFramebufferTextureFace


      For Opengl 3.3
      Missing and unsupported
      - glVertexAttribDivisor


      For Opengl 4.0
      missing and unsupported


      For Opengl 4.1
      missing and unsupported
      - Shading language 4.1 ¿Limited by Intel?


      For Opengl 4.2
      - Shading language 4.2 ¿limited by Intel?
      but missing and unsupported
      - GL_ARB_Shader_image_load_store

      For Opengl 4.3
      -Shading language 4.3 ¿limited by Intel?
      but missing and unsupported..











      For Opengl 4.4  Only supported GL_ARB_Buffer_storage


      The main problem some aplication used some extensions required . Why do not these extensions are supported? maybe Intel update drivers fix in the future Thanks