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    Latest AHCI drivers for ICH8M-E for Advanced format HDDs



      My laptop has got an ICH8M-E SATA controller. i am planning to upgrade to 1 TB internal hard drive which is obviously an Advanced format one. My original SATA AHCI driver is 8.9.x version. It seems that only 9.6 and  version of iastor.sys supports AF HDDs. With a bit of searching i found that Rapid storage driver version was the last version that officially supported ICH8M.



      My queries are should i just use 9.6 or 10.1. Is there a way to go up to higher versions or is it not needed. Also will the 10.1 give more stability than the 9.6.


      My SATA speed seems to be 1.5 GBps will that support these newer generation 3/6Gbps hard disks.