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    Intel D425KT BIOS Hangs when Honeywell scanner reader is connected


      Hi all,


      I've detected a problem with Intel D425KT motherboard.


      When the Intel D425KT boots with the USB scanner reader plugged, the system will just hang on the BIOS splash screen and will stay there until the system is hard booted without the USB scanner. The POST code is always EB when the system hangs.

      I've tested this issue in several D425KT motherboards with the same result.

      I've tried several BIOS versions (from 098 to the 132) with same result.


      Notice that we had to change to the Intel D2500 motherboard due to this problem. At first we had the same problem with this model but we updated BIOS version to the newest and the problem fixed it.


      In brief, the latest versions of the BIOS for D2500 motherboards solve the problem but there is not a version of the BIOS for the D425KT motherboards.

      OS used: Windows 7 32bits

      Motherboards: Intel D425KT & Intel D2500

      Scanner reader: Honeywell 3310G