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    Power on Issue on Intel NUC DC3218BY


      Hi guys, I really hope that someone could give me some help on this.


      The background of the problem:

      I've bought today a new intel nuc DC3218BY, when I've started to install ubuntu from a flash drive, I've got random shut downs (in the install process).

      First I've thought that is some heating issue and I've tried to go in the bios and change the cooling settings, but the bios was blocked after a while, after a restart I was able to change that settings, and tried to re-run the install process for ubuntu, but the random system power off continued.

      After a while I've noticed that I cannot start anymore the computer, because when I'm pressing the power button(to start the computer) it's powering off in 1 sec.

      I cannot see any blue led blink error code, because after a second the computer is power off. The only blue light that I'm seeing is the light of the power button (and that just for a second)



      I've tried the folowing:

           - Move the Ram memory on different slot

           - Clear the cmos by moving the jumper

           - Let the NUC to cool down


      It's possible that I'm experiencing a fatal hardware failure after this short time for a new product?

      Someone experinced the same issue?

      Might be the motherboard already dead?


      Thanks in Advance,