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    DZ77RE-75K SSD problem


      after sometime either when i sleep or out i come back the windows is restarted and not detecting my SSD, motherboard keeps telling me no bootable hard drive

      restart wont solve it, i turn off my PC for 5 min then it detects my SSD

      My PC specs

      Motherboard: DZ77RE-75K Bios 0066

      CPU: Intel Core i7-3770

      RAM: 8GB x 2 Corsair CMZ12GX3M3A1600C9

      VGA: Zotac Nvidia GeForce 580 GTX

      HDD: Kingmax SSD 60GB, WD 1TB, WD 500GB, SeaGate 2TB

      PSU: Gigabyte 750Watt