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    DN2820FYKH Availability


      Is it me or is the DN2820FYKH no longer available already?  I ordered one two weeks ago and its been listed as 'Your order has been placed with one of our suppliers who will ship it directly to you', since I ordered it, and now it's not even available to order from that vendor at all.  Every other site I go to that sells it (with the exception a of a few sites that are marking it up to ridiculous prices) are out of stock, and a few even list it as discontinued.  Amazon has it listed as ships in '1 to 2 months'.

      And I also see that the CPU in these is already being discontinued: http://qdms.intel.com/dm/d.aspx/F2EB08EF-03D4-49EB-8B0E-DE91A9D536E3/PCN112862-00.pdf

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          Hello pcnimbley,


          Let me check on the availability for you. I know the DN2820FYKH has been selling quite well, so maybe there are inventory issues going on.



          Lois H.


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            Maybe because it will be a new nuc with the n2830 cpu (aka DN2830FYKH).

            In the past, Intel had announced the NUC DN2810FYKH (with the cpu N2810) never came out because two months was replaced by DN2820FYKH (celeron N2820)

            Model                       Release Date  Core Step


            Celeron  N2810    September 2013  B2
            Celeron  N2820    November 2013  B3
            Celeron  N2830    February 2014  C0


            Now here are the things Intel pointed out:


            - The N2830 Features Newer Core Stepping

            - The N2830 features support for DDR3L-1333 memory

            - The N2830 has Quick Sync Technology enabled.



            Summary of hardware& software changes from B to C step:

            - Improved robustness of USB3 wake after D3

            - Improved USB2 charging capability to support higher current.

            - USB2 reference clock improvements to reduce corner case stress scenarios.

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              Could be you're right, but it doesn't help me much at the moment as I was looking to pick this up now.  Regretfully I waited to place my order until the Windows 7 drivers were released.  Stock doesn't seem to be improving, Amazon now lists it as "Currently unavailable".  Seems like a pretty short product life-cycle.

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                The vendor that I purchased mine from a month ago (didn't realize it's been that long!) is sold out (not backordered).  They had several thousand in stock when I picked up mine...


                Sounds like Intel simply misjudged how well this model would sell.


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                  It would be great if Intel could give us an update on the 2820 NUC or possible 2830 successor. I ordered the DN2820FYKH on Feb 10 and there is still no delivery date, also no other shop seems to have it (in Germany).

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                    Several sites I had been watching for stock now show it as discontinued which isn't encouraging.  However Intel still lists it under Active Products at the following URL: Support for Desktop Boards

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                      Hi all,


                      Let me assure you that the DN2820FYKH has NOT been discontinued. It has just been jumping off the shelves faster than we can keep up.


                      In regards to the processor change - yes - there is going to be an update to this NUC for that. This actually is a stepping change to the N2820 processor, and it is getting a new name.  We will be updating the NUC's technical product specification soon.




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                        Thank you for clearing that up!

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                          Thanks, good news for those of us with the DN2820FYKH on back order.


                          Now, could you please add 1920x1200 to the video output resolutions, for those of us with legacy 16:10 desktop monitors?


                          1080 high is good, but the extra 120 pixels in height would be better :-)

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                            Hi boldstripe,


                            I have submitted a request to the BIOS engineering team to add 1920x1200 to the vBIOS table.




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                              Thank you for the update, any idea when more stock may be showing up?  If its not going to be any time soon I suppose I'm going to have to find an alternative.



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                                This from our NUC team:  The demand on Forest Canyon has greatly exceeded our expectations! We have been diligently working with the supplier to get more products, but we are constrained by lead time on parts. We expect to see better availability near the end of April.


                                I'm sorry I cannot tell you it will be sooner.




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                                  I should have ready our own specs first!   This NUC only supports up to 1920x1080 with HDMI.



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                                    That's too bad. I know it is in the specs, I was just hoping it is something that could be changed in an update, perhaps with a firmware change. Apparently not. Thanks for letting us know.


                                    [EDIT Added 5/5/2014: I installed Debian Jessie (testing version of Debian) on this NUC after updating the firmware to the latest version FY0032.BIO. I am pleased to report that I am now getting 1920x1200 pixels on my NEC LCD monitor ]

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