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    Intel® Core™2 Solo mobile processor SU3500??


      Hello experts.


      I'm having difficulties choosing between 2 different laptops.  The ultra thin model I like has a Intel Core2 Solo mobile processor SU3500.  It has a 4GB but is this Solo processor quick enough? This computer is only for personal use and no gaming.  On the other hand I could get a much thicker computer with the same size screen which has a Centrino Core2 Duo mobile processor P7350.  I know the SU3500 is a fairly new processor.  I like the thinner model better but if the Solo is going to be to slow, I will get the other.  Any suggestions? Thanks in advance for your help.



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          Hi there,


          Depending on your use of the laptop, you need to make the choice. I can briefly give you the difference between the two types of processor you are looking at. You can also compare them on this link: http://ark.intel.com/Compare.aspx?ids=36750,37133,


          The P7350 is a Core 2 Duo processor. It is more powerful than the SU3500 and will perform better in almost every task, but it does not support virtualization (if you want to run virtual operating system, this will not be possible). It works at 2.0Ghz with 1066Mhz fsb.


          However this does not mean the SU3500 is not a good processor. It's works single core at 1.4Ghz and 800Mhz FSB consuming only about 2.5W of power. This will definitely allow the notebook to run on battery for a much more longer time. If you are just a home user, not a heavy user running demanding application or cpu/memory intensive application, the SU3500 might be good for you. But if you need more power and performance then the P7350 might be the one.


          Hope this is helpful.



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            Hello again,

            Unplugged_24 answered my question but does anyone else have any helpful comments regarding the question below? Thanks unplugged_24 and everyone else who answers.

            I'm looking at 2 Asus laptops.  One new model has a Intel Core2 CentrinoSOLO mobile processor (SU3500)  This model is a ultra thin, sleek model w/4 GB and a 6.5 hour battery life.  The other model is much larger, only 2.5 hours of battery life but has a Core2 Centrino DUO mobile processor (P7350)  This model has high reviews but has all of these LED crazy cosmetic lights everywhere.  Both has an illuminated keyboard which is a added bonus.  Thoughts please.

            Thanks again

            Chuck B.