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    Intel DQ67EP with i5-2500 DVI-D Dual Monitor Issue



      Hoping someone here can help me.


      Ive just built myself a computer.


      Spec is:

      Intel DQ67EP Motherboard

      Intel i5-2500 CPU

      Mushkin 8 GB DDR3 12800 Ram

      OCZ Vertex Plus R2 SSD

      Standard ATX PSU


      Im wanting to run with 2 monitors (Samsung and Relisys TFTs)


      My issue is that both monitors work in the DVI-I port but when I use either monitor in the DVI-D port all I get is a green fuzzy screen,

      This happens from when the machine is turned on.

      Windows sees the monitor and extends the desktop to it and ive tried changing settings etc with no joy.


      I have tried different monitors in the port, new PSU, updating the BIOS.

      Cant see it being a driver issue.

      Miby motherboard of the integrated graphics chip in the i5


      Picture attached


      Any help is much appreciated.