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    Matlab support


      I would like to have Matlab support for Galileo. I tried present Matlab support for arduino available at the following link. But that does not work.


      Where can I find Matlab support for Galileo?  thanks


      Arduino Support from MATLAB - Hardware Support

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          Clayton Hofrock

          When you say it does not work I am not sure what you mean. There are several things that can go wrong.


          Looking at the code, in one of the files (adioes.pde), that I think is supposed to be used. it includes the servo.h library, which is not part of the official release, but it does have a work around Galileo Servo Library Fixes. I would recommend trying to install that work around, and then try again. That is assuming you are getting an error when it tries to include that file. If you are getting a different error, please post it here.





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            Thanks Clay for directing me to Servo Library fix.


            I was getting servo.h error while uploading adioes.pde to gallleo.  I copied new servo library to directory as suggested on that link.  But I am still getting an error that wire.h is missing and compilation is terminated.  I checked wire.h and wire.cpp is there but I am getting compilation error.  Any solution?

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              An update.


              I copied wire.h and wire.c  to  cores/arduino  directory. This allowed me to compile adioes.pde   I uploaded that to Galileo and it  now it works in Matlab and Simulink.  The only issue is that I have to press Galileo reset switch every time I change or run a new code in Matlab. 

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                I also searched if Arduino support for Matlab works with Galileo but it is said that this is not yet available.

                tariq, can you send me a link with more information?