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    DP 45SG BIOS memory detection wrong




      I recently bought the DP45SG Desktop Board. After a lot of issues (first board DOA, second board had BIOS rev. 0088) it is finaly working.


      Still I have the following issues:


      The memory I use is Corsair XMS3 DHX 1600 mHz memory (TW3X4G1600C9DHX G). Conform Corsair technical specifications the memory was programmed conform JEDEC SPD at 1333 mHz 9-9-9-24. Still when the BIOS is set to automatically detect the memory it displays 1066 mHz 7-7-7-20.


      When the PC is shutdown and then started again it hangs (the Club3D 4870x2 graphic card displays all red leds). I need to flip the power switch on the PSU wait 5 seconds and then turn it on again to be able to start the PC,


      In both cases, what can be wrong? BIOS issues?


      System details:

      Casing: Antec 900/2

      Power Supply: Antec Signature 850W

      Processor: Q9650

      Memory: Corsair XMS3 DHX 1600 mHz (SPD programmmed at 1333 mHz 9-9-9-24)

      Graphics: Club3D 4870x2


      Kind regards.