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    DN2820FYK - no Display Scaling under Win7


      Hi folks.


      I've just got a DN2820FYK, which after a bit of fuss I got Windows 7 Pro x64 running on. 


      Problem is, my TV's default overscan setting means that a good part of the screen is not visible.  On my previous machine (DH61AG with Celeron G530) I was able to use the Display Scaling function to reduce the screen size so I could see everything (I think it was reduced by 50%).


      However, on the drivers for the DN2820FYK the only option is "Maintain Display Scaling" - I can't change it off this setting to shrink the screen.


      What gives?

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          Thanks for pointing out this matter, sorry about the trouble.

          I have done some research on this issue and according to our engineering department; scaling options are available on your graphics controller depending on the screen resolution.

          If you have set screen resolution as 1920*1080 you will only get Maintain Display Scaling option, however, if you change to a lower resolution, you are going to get different options to change scaling modes.


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            No offense Allan, but that's rubbish. 


            Every other Intel HD machine I have here (from Sandy Bridge Celeron to Iris Pro) can display OK on this TV, and they ALL need and have the Scale Display to make the Windows Desktop display fully.  Without it, I can only see half the Start menu, and only the tooltips above the Quick Launch at the bottom. 

            On the other Intel HD machines, they need the display reduced by half (to 50 whatevers in the Display Scaling menu).


            If I run at a lower resolution than 1920x1080, then the image is tiny in the middle of the screen, and can't be stretched to suit.


            I think your 'engineering dept' need to open their books and have another look at the drivers for the DN2820, it's ridiculous that they can't shrink the display a little, especially as it works on all the other Intel HD machines at 1080p.

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              I am having the exact same issue as HellDiverUK, I have purchased a new DN2820FYKH and now I am stuck with the display being overscaled with no way to reduce it through the TV or Intel HD application.


              Couldn't a simple scale slider be included? When I reduce my resolution from 1920x1080 to 1680x1050 the only thing that changes with the scaling option is if I want it centred with a couple inch black bars around the whole screen.

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                I've had similar issues on one of my tvs but I found it was the aspect setting on the tv that needed to be changed.  I have the same problem when I switch between HD and non-HD channels on the tv. It's an economy model so apparently it isn't smart enough to adjust.  When I watch tv directly I have to toggle between "auto" and "wide" for the right view.  When I'm using the NUC I have it set to "dot-to-dot" and it works perfectly.

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                  Same thing here with J1900 Celeron on AsRock Q1900B-ITX mobo. Scaling is fine when connected directly on my LG TV but via Onkyo TX-NR616 AV Receiver scaling is out of screen and need to adjust. On receiver there are nothing on settings to fix this. Please add scaling on Full HD also, otherwise at least I need to switch to AMD on HTPC.


                  Edit: finally find setting which fix this for me, on LG TV there is "just scan" aspect ration setting which looks correct when signal is going trough AV receiver. Looks like its always good to ask...

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                    I have been spending many hours on this and am incredibly frustrated.  My TV does not allow me to adjust for overscan (trust me I have reserached it), so I am stuck with the Intel software.  Well this software allows me to adjust absolutely nothing.  I cannot adjust resolution, set a custom size or even set scaling.  None of the incredibly limited options allows me to change this.  I have no way to get out of 1920*1080 resolution.

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                      I also have the same issue when running at recommended resolution(1920*1080).


                      On my LG TV i can skip the 16:9 aspect ratio setting and instead select "Just Scan" and I can see the entire desktop.

                      On my Panasonic 50" TX-P50G30Y in my livingroom i dont have an option that produces the same result.


                      I have several other mediacenters that work great with the same resolution on the Panasonic TV.


                      From what Í understand, 1920*1080 is a 16:9 resolution and since i have to select another option than 16:9 on my LG it seems that the signal is wrong somehow?

                      Intel, please provide some assistance here.


                      Graphics driver version:

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                        Hi There,


                        We ordered 11 Intel Nuc Celeron units, DN2820FYK, I have been on the phone and researched as much as I can, however there is no fix from Intel, all we get back is that its a hardware failure and they can not assist us in sorting this issue out. We have to upgrade (return and replace) for the core i3 units.


                        Same issue, we can scale the 1980 x 1080 which the screen is capable of handling as the recommended resolution, but anything less just centres the image with a black border and you can not change this. Generally you have, in the core i3 menu, Maintain aspect ratio, custom resolution, centre image and one other.


                        We have used about 4 different brands of LCD/LED screens, the only way we can adjust this is using the manufacture settings which is not ideal at all and we can not scale the full image. So we spent a fortune on software development only to have the pc's we developed for not work.

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                          Did you find a solution to this???


                          I am having the same issue:

                          The intel NUC i3 has the scaling options but the Celeron has no scaling options and its extremely frustrating....  I have the DN2820fykh running on a NEC commercial monitor(V321)..    I am short of a few pixels and I haven't found a way to fix it.


                          Is there any way to add the scaling options from the i3 Control Panel to the control panel of the Celeron?  Why wouldn't it just be included??


                          PLEASE HELP!

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                            Some sort of response from Intel here would be useful since the product is useless in its current state.



                            If this is a hardware problem. Please post information on how to return the unit for a replacement.

                            If this can be fixed with a driver update. Please let us know that you acknowledge the problem and that you are working on such an update.



                            This is getting embarrassing.

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                              I had no response from Intel, kept on telling me to contact local support, local support never comes back to you, so eventually I managed to get this response, I have yet to try it as I returned all 11 of the NUC's to Intel who don't really care. Let me know if this works....



                              Agent Comments:

                              Kindly try the following steps:


                              1- Press the Ctrl+Alt+F12. If using Windows 8, switch to the Desktop

                              before pressing these keys.

                              2- Under Display, General Settings, Refresh Rate, select 60 Hz.

                              3- Click Custom Aspect Ratio, and move the sliders on the image to


                              Note: The Custom Aspect Ratio sliders are not available with interlaced

                              refresh rates like 1080i, which cannot be scaled.

                              4- If the issue is not corrected, check to see if the following

                              underscan resolutions display:

                              1184 x 666: If your HDMI TV supports 720p.

                              1776 x 1000: If your HDMI TV supports 1080p.

                              Note: Windows 8 requires a minimum resolution of 1024x768. 720p mode

                              does not display in Windows 8.

                              Neither resolution works with a TV that supports 1080i.

                              5- Select 1184x666 or 1776x1000 and click Apply.

                              If you do not see 1184x666 or 1776x1000, please try to update the bios

                              of the NUC from the following link:




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                                Hi yogo,


                                Thanks for the suggestion.

                                I tried updating to the latest BIOS, setting refresh rate to 60p Hz but I still don't get the sliders.

                                I dont even have the option of using the 1776*1000 resolution.


                                I'm getting really frustrated with this crap

                                No attention at all from Intel. How can such a large company have non-existent customer focus?

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                                  Hi Falle,


                                  I thought so. There is an issue on the Intel Nuc celeron and Intel know this. We infact will no longer purchase the Nuc's for this very reason and we talking, from a business point of view, of over 450 units that we need to order. We have tried the AMD units and they perfectly fine. So we going with them.

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                                    Hi yogo,


                                    Can you recommend any of the AMD units? Something similar in price/performance to the DN2820FYK.

                                    I still have to find a way to return my unit though.

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