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    Problems with Intel HD 4600  - Screen all tored.


      I tried to use Intel's HD 4600 graphics on my i7 4770k chip and ran into screen being all torn apart.  When I try to go into hd properties it freezes and gives me an error that hd 4600 crashed.  The second I uninstall and use standard vga graphic adapter everything works fine.  I tried installing drivers from my motherboard (Asus Maximus VI Hero), through windows update and directly from Intel, even tried beta drivers.  All have the same result.  I also had GFXeuiF (or something like that) give me a crash error as well.  Saw online that it could be related to .NET frame so I uninstalled it and re-installed with the same results.

      Edit - Using Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit

      Edit 2 - When I take a print screen these rips are not there, just a clear picture of what I'm taking.


      I'm attaching an image to show what it looks like.  These tiny boxes/rips move a little as I do things in the windows.