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    Intel NUC D34010WYK HDMI Monitor not working.


      Hey you guys,

      Today I got my first NUC D34010WYK.

      So I plugged it into my Asus VS278Q Monitor, via HDMI, but the monitor screen keeps black.

      It's not like it says 'no signal' or something, it's just black. Once unplugged it says 'no signal'.


      It's working fine with my two TVs, only the monitor seems not to recognize the signal.


      There are no issues with the monitor, it's brandnew and works fine with other HDMI devices.


      Does anyone have any idea?

      Intel's advises are limited to 'chose the right input'... -.-


      Looking forward to your answers!

      Thank you guys.


      P.S. I had a similar experience with my RaspberryPi. The solution was to set hdmi_force_hotplug=1.

      Maybe there are comparable options for the NUCs.




      Additional information:

      I've watched a whole movie on my TV with the NUC. Only the Asus monitor wouldn't work.

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          Hello Doloro, I am sorry to hear you are having problems with your systems but I will be more than happy to assist you on this issue.


          1. The resolution needed in order to access the Intel® Visual BIOS Setup when pressing the F2 key is 1024x768. So please make sure this monitor supported this screen sizes.
          2. 2) Are you using the same HDMI cable?
          3. 3) Check if you are using the latest BIOS version available. Also check if the monitor may need firmware updated.