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    black screen on monitor using hdmi with intel hd4000


      I'm banging my head for two weeks now , trying to find a solution for this issue.

      After reading the posts here, i see that I'm not the only one having it.


      my laptop is Lenovo S440, comes with switchable graphics (amd+intel hd)

      when i connect a monitor using hdmi cable to the hdmi port i get a black screen on the monitor.

      seems like the monitor get some signal from the laptop, but it stays black.


      installing latest driver from lenovo or intel site didn't work as well as trying to upgrade the amd drivers.

      also, i've disabled the switchable graphics from bios, to make sure only intel graphics are used - still the same black screen.

      also trying to use different cable and monitor - still the same.


      is there any cure for this ???al