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    Limiting factors when upgrading ram


      Hi, I have an i7 2860qm running on a MB with the HM65
      chipset. The MB has 4 sodimm ram slots. Is there any reason why I couldn’t run 4x 8GB
      = 32GB Of ddr3 1600? Is the max amount of ram also MB dependent? I only ask because I can’t,
      for the life of me, get the specs for the MB, and I know the chip can handle
      this configuration.

      Thank you for any advice you can offer.

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          Unfortunately the detailed specs for my MB are unavailable
          because it’s in an Asus G74sx gaming laptop. Asus will only provide the specs
          that the system was initially built with not the actual capabilities of the
          board.  However, after much research, I
          did find a form with others’ like me, wanting to upgrade the ram on this
          particular system. Thanks to others’ trial and error, I got my question answered.
          I indeed can run 8 X 4GHz. of ram. The MB BIOS will indeed address this much
          memory.  I answered my own question. Thank
          you to anyone who took the time to look at this thread and tried to help.


          Here are some things that need to be considered when upgrading

          1. Know the max amount of ram the CPU is designed
          to handle.

          2. Know the different speeds of ram the CPU can

          The information for the first two is readily
          available on the Intel website.

          3. Know the max amount of ram the BIOS on the MB
          will address: This was tough information for me to find. Good Luck!