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    Black screen after HD 4600 driver update


      So I'm using a 3 monitor setup, 2 of them are connected via HDMI to my nVidia GTX770 while the last one is connected via DVI to my mainboard (Gigabyte Z87-HD3) integrated 4600HD. My main monitor is one of the HDMI one with the other 2 set as a left and right monitor.

      All was working perfectly until windows update pushed an intel update for my intel chip.

      Since then I'm not able to use my integrated card anymore and I'm stuck with 2 monitors. If i try to use the integrated 4600 all the monitors goes black screen with no signal after windows login.

      I also tried reverting the driver for the 4600 back with no success, also tried some solution posted on this forums since this is a popular problem (i still  have to try the devcon one, I'm downloading the iso right now). My MB bios and all my drivers are latest.


      Is there a real solution to this?

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          Hi xirtam,


          I understand your problem and let me help you to solve it.


          It is important to mention that if a video card is connected to the PCIe on the motherboard, the onboard graphics will be automatically disabled. So in the case you want to have 3 monitors configuration, the video card must support the three monitor setup.


          If you try to use the onboard graphics, you must have the following configuration:


          Display Port + HDMI+ DVI

          Display Port + DVI + VGA

          Display Port + Embedded display +HDMI


          So basically you must have at least 1 Display port connection and have a direct connection to the monitors (no video adapters).


          You can try the latest driver for your controller here:



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            That's not correct. I can use 3 monitors, 2 linked on my nVidia 770 and the 3rd on my integrated intel output at the same time. It always worked like this and I never seen a system that won't allow it unless the iGFX was disabled on purpose in bios.


            That said, I fixed the problem with the devcon fix Workaround for black screen problem . This is a bug in your drivers, hundreds of people are reporting it on this forum and on other well known hardware forums worldwide. Your driver make all the HDMI/DVI ports (on different GPU cards) stop working after the intel one has been initialized at boot. The fix is to run a task at boot which disable and re-enable the intel integrated card via the devcon Microsoft utility.


            PS: You even have a sticked topic for this problem in this forum. Fix your drivers.