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    D54250WYKH - Wont Detect HDD after Bios Update to .24


          Good afternoon,


      I have recently purchased several NUC's for deployment in my business, I have discovered a repeatable BUG or ISSUE with the .24 Patch. The NUC's came from Factory with .21 BIOS installed, I was having issues with the systems being stable, and rebooting during Installing for Windows 7.  So after some testing, I discovered, that the RAM was bad.  I have since replaced it.  However, DURING my testing to verifty it was RAM I upgraded the BIOS of one of the NUC's to .24.  After that, it no longer showed the HDD (in this case a SAMSUNG EVO 840).  However, before the BIOS update, I had gotten 50% of the way thru an install onto that SSD.  I downloaded .23 and Flashed that, and now it boots and works fine. 


      So as I was working thru my batch of NUC's I thought I would test it out on another one, and yes it also removes the BIOS from seeing the NUC.


      Is there a .25 PATCH planned for soon? I would of course like to have these devices fully updated before I deploy them.


      Thank you,


      Andrew C