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    DZ87KLT-75K, Memory Latency Drop Since 04xx BIOS


      I would like to point out and i have pointed out ever since BIOS 04xx were released my memory latency has since dropped to some bad figures specifically when running all 4 modules 32GB but when i test each one of them separately in any DIMM the figures are as expected, but when i use dual channel two of them the drop begins and when all four DIMMs are populated ti drops even more.


      So pleas to all DZ87KLT-75K users who are on 32GB 1600 or above and are on any 04xx BIOS please post a screen shot of AIDA 64 memory latency benchmark like the one i have posted , so i can see if its my CPU that is dying or its just a BIOS fault, PS all the other Benchmarks are fine only latency.




      I'm also plagued with other memory issues when i run anything higher than 1333