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    Ball Out Pin Map for Quark.


      Now that it is possible to purchase Quark chips, such as at http://www.mouser.com, and that the recently released PDG is available (tha's the Platform Design Guide) it seems like it should be time to see the actual Quark chip Ball Out Pin Map.


      This would be a document that identifies the pin number for each ball location and specifies X/Y coordinate for ball center location. The X/Y coordinates would be specified relative to some reference point on the package (i,e, package center, corner or one particular pad.) This document should also specify the recommended pad diameters for the platform board footprint.


      Note that the previously released Quark Package Mechanical Drawing does not include the Ball Out Pin Map data.


      Please let me know when this information would be available and posted. The Pin Map and Ball Out information is extremely important for people that intend to go off and produce their own circuit boards containing a Quark chip.


      Michael Karas