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    No DVI from Radeon HD 4890


      I just installed a (DP45SG) Diamond Radeon HD 4890 video card and 2x2GB Patriot DDR3 1333 Memory.  That's all I have on the system.

      My problem is: I can't get DVI to work, it just won't signal the monitor. D-SUB works fine but not DVI. 

      I have upgraded the BIOS to 116.

      Are there any jumper settings specific to this video card that anyone knows of?

      ANY help is greatly appreciated.


      Bob - Orlando, FL

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          Well at this point Im not much help to you but I thought you would like to know you are not alone with this problem.

          I have a HIS Radeon 4890 DDR5 1000 and much to my dissapointment I can only get my Samsung 21.5" Wide P2250 to run on the D-Sub not DVI.

          I just upgraded from a 17"CMV screen which was working fine on the DVI output from the 4890 so it would seem that the 4890 and Samsung P2550 are not a good match.


          Once again ANY help would be greatly appreciated.


          And would love to hear if anyone else is having the simular problem.


          Aidan CHCH NZ.

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            Well it is good to know I'm not alone (misery loves company).


            I have purchased a replacement Diamond 4890 OCX and an Intel DX48BT2 motherboard.  If the new DX48BT2 does the same thing as the DP45SG I will then know the ($240.00 US) Diamond 4890 OCX is the problem.


            I am determined that I am going to run my Q9400 core 2 quad socket 775 in an intel motherboard with a hi end video card, ddr 3 @ a minimum of 1333 mhz period.


            The Intel DX48BT2 is supposed to be made by intel specifically to enable the ATI Crossfire technology, so I would guess if your ATI Radeon doesn't work "correctly" in the DX48BT2 it won't work correctly period.


            I will post back my results soon.


            Another gripe that I have is the power supply manufacturers.  They spout all this junk, though power, pure power, blah, blah, blah.  But in reality it's hype and the motherboard manufacturer has no clue what we are powering these boards with.


            Where are the motherboard and videocard standards posted when you are trying to buy a Power Supply?  What are the approved (or suggested) companies and respective model numbers for each motherboard and video card?  (rhetorical of course)  Very bogus I think.  I'd rather buy a used car, at least I know if it runs.


            This just makes building a good, so called, "EXTREME" system harder.  Extreme my-eye it's more like EX-Scream.


            Bob - Orlando, FL

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              what makes you think the motherboard is the source of error? can you explain your logic?