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    I've compiled BSP 0.9, but I lost /dev/ttyGS0




      I managed to get the latest BSP to compile with a linux-standard-base, per Sergei's instructions, and boot, which was a huge accomplishment for me! But, I'm running into trouble again.


      Back on 0.7.5 I was accustomed to using the Galileo as just a plain-old Linux computer, and I would access the console over USB by spawning a getty on /dev/ttyGS0 on boot. In 0.9 image-full (+LSB), this doesn't work. I can force it to by loading udc-core, pch_udc and g_serial with modprobe, and then spawning a getty, but I'd prefer something more automatic. How would I go about getting these modules to load at boot time? All I can find online are Debain and RHEL specific instructions.

      I hope I was clear! If you need me to clarify, please ask!