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    Can I create a RAID mirror with 2 by 4Tb discs?


      I have 3 RAID mirrors, 2 X 2Tb and 1 X 1.5Tb.

      The small mirror (1 X 1.5Tb) degraded so rather than replace the dead 1.5Tb (after securing the data) I deleted the volume and bought 2 X 4TB drives.

      Replaced the 1.5Tb discs with the 4Tb discs and double clicked on the Intel Rapid Storage Technology icon and loaded the program which saw the new discs as 3,815Gb drives

      I then created a new RAID mirror, no problems. BUT, the display shows the 3,815Gb discs but the mirror size is only 1,718Gb.

      Could someone, more conversant with the topic, please confirm that RAID mirrors are limited to 2Tb? As it appears that my new mirror has lost a factor of 2Tb.

      I contacted Gigabyte (the manufacturers of my P55A-UD7 motherboard) and they suggested that I SHOULD be able to build 3Tb mirrors. It seemed strange to me that they couldn't say if the MB could or couldn't handle larger that 2Tb mirrors, after all they are the manufacturers

      Maybe someone more aware of Intel limitations can answer my query?

      My MB (and whole system) is a couple of years old and I am running Windows 7 64bit with 8Gb ram.

      Thanks in anticipation

      PS I got a message that the drivers for the 4Tb discs failed to load!?

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          Hello Louwin, 

          We have seen this behavior when the motherboard does not have UEFI. Would you please check on BIOS is the motherboard comes with UEFI?


          UEFI is needed when your hard drive or your partition is larger than 2 TB.

          If you find this feature on BIOS, you would have to enable it, but it will be necessary to reinstall the operating system and recreated the RAID.



          In your post, you mention that you are not able to boot to the operating system? Was the OS installed on that RAID?

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            Thanks for your response 

            I boot off an SSD.  No, I am only just trying to create a RAID mirror for data storage not to boot off.


            No, after the failed attempt (small partition creation) the OS just told me that the driver load failed? But this appears to have resolved itself on a later switch on. 


            After the RAID mirror creation fail I deleted the RAID volume and tried to use the 4Tb drives as NON-RAID JBODs and got the same size discrepancies?  When prompted by the Disk Management program (MBR/GPT?) I selected GPT.


            I must have UEFI (or partial EUFI if there is such a thing) as I have 2 other internal 3Tb drives AND an external 4Tb drive ALL working perfectly. 


            I contacted the manufacturer (Gigabyte) who confirmed I would have trouble with discs > 2.2Tb (which I am NOT)     so they seemed as confused as me 


            I'm completely puzzled.  


            Anything else come to mind?

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              Louwin, seems to me that the RAID controller of the board is working fine, since the other 2 RAIDs are working perfectly.

              At this point I would recommend you to contact Gigabyte in order to troubleshoot the motherboard, since it looks like there is something else causing this behavior.