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    Intel NUC DN2820FYK dead after BIOS update (0025)


      Yesterday i finally received my DN2820FYK, i plugged it in the TV and the NUC was booting fine. I start a BIOS update using a USB key formatted with FAT32, the update is running fine, and at the end the NUC reboot. After that it's just a black screen, nothing happen. Here is what i tried:


      • BIOS recovery
      • Remove memory / SSD, change the memory
      • CMOS reset
      • changing HDMI cable
      • changing display
      • New usb stick, reformatted with another BIOS version (0021 instead of 0025)


      none of those work, always a black screen. There is no flashing of the power button (in case it's an error code, like no memory)


      any idea of what i should try next? or it's a lost cause and i should return the NUC.