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    HP HDX 18t Q9000 upgrade to Q9100?


      I want to upgrade the cpu of my laptop from a q9000 to a q9100? Will the laptop's motherboard recognize this cpu? Will I need new/more cooling fans?

      I am a complete noob on this, so I need help.





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          Sory but laptop processors are not upgradable but you can do ram upgrades!


          Billy Babin

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            Sorry billy, but you are incorrect.  Laptop processors are most definitely upgradeable and I have upgraded previous HP laptop processors without any issues.


            To the original poster, please note that upgrading the laptop processor is not easy.  It requires virtually a full disassembly of the laptop.  There are some cables/connectors inside which are easy to break (i.e. the cables that connect the volume/play controls above the keyboard).


            If you really do want to upgrade, I suggest you speak with HP support (use the online chat) to confirm that the processor you wish to use is compatible with the motherboard.  Then, you need to obtain a copy of the HDX service manual (do a Google search - it should be available online).  This manual explains the exact steps to disassemble the laptop in the correct order to get to the CPU.


            Note that it is very important that in addition to replacing the CPU, that you also clean the heatsync (the metal item that is directly in contact with the CPU) and re-apply NEW thermal paste so that the new CPU transfers heat effectively and does not overheat.


            If you don't know what I'm talking about or if this sounds too scary (you really could break your laptop beyond repair if you don't know what you're doing) then I suggest you not do this upgrade.  But, it IS possible if you really want to do it.  Good luck!

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              Thanks. I think I'll leave the laptop alone for now. It is fast enough for what I need it for: Autodesk Revit 2010. I am impressed with the 3d render times with this CPU.