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    Restore Galileo grub file



      I successfully created a Debian-on-Yocto SD card and had it fully functional. However, I needed the card to experiment with another image and, after saving the image (using dd), wiped it. Now I've restored the image (again, using dd), but when I boot, I'm dumped back as root into clanton rather than Debian.

      Just to be sure, I ran

      CapsuleApp.efi sysimage_Intel_Galileo_v0.7.5.cap

      again. Nothing changed. I figured there might have been some changes to the way grub was expecting to find the image, so I edited /boot/grub/grub.conf on the card. Regardless, the grub options that presented upon boot were the same five I'd had previously, no matter how many titles grub.conf actually contained. And not only that, but even if I booted without the SD card at all, I got the same options.

      There obviously must be some place in the firmware that's keeping the old grub image, but I can't find it.

      Can someone help?


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          SPI flash contains UEFI firmware and a small Linux kernel+initramfs+grub (you get these three after building image-spi image out of the BSP).


          The SPI grub looks for boot/grub/grub.conf on the first active partition of the SD card or USB thumbdrive upon boot. If it finds it - that config is used instead of the default one. If it doesn't find it - the default one is used and that by default boots the SPI Linux image.


          The symptoms you have IMHO suggest that your SD card (after you've restored the Debian on it) is not recognized as bootable by the UEFI firmware. Try checking if partitions look ok on the card, using e.g. fdisk.

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            I'm 99% sure that you're right about the card. Gparted just made me a new partition and I'm dd-ing the image over. I'll update once I test it.


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              I'm now 100% sure...the SD card's partition somehow became corrupted. Everything's working fine now.