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    Display port not working on NUC Kit D54250WYK with WYLPT10H.86A.0024




      I'm evaluating the NUC D54250WYK as a display solution and are struggling a bit with the bios..


      After upgrading to the latest firmware (0024) the display port stopped working.. It seems to be a combination with the bios settings, as restoring default bios settings makes the display port work again.. The bios settings did however work with the 0022 version of bios..


      I was planning to attach an export of the bios settings or bios profile which makes the display port fail with 0024, but when I try to export to an USB stick I get an error message: "Interal Error / Error creating file fs0:\test".


      Are there known issues with the display port with the 0024 firmware version? If so, is it likely that there will be a fix for this at some point?


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