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    Audio not working over HDMI on D34010WYKH


      i am using Kubuntu 13.10 and i have no audio over HDMI like others users with different NUCs. I tried several settings in Kmix and so on. Nothing works. I am really surprised how much issues here are trying to be solved. When using Windows, the immediate answer from Intel would be like "... have you installed the newest driver...?" But when its not working with Ubuntu / Kubuntu, what is the solution? Intel is deeply involved in Linux-Kernel-Driver developement since years, and so far every Intel-Hardware seems to be supported perfectly. So i really would like to know whats going on here...

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          You may want to consider updating your BIOS and see if the audio works when connecting to a different device; for instance, connecting directly to the TV instead of the AVR. You may also get support from the Linux* Community.

          I hope this helps.

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            O.K.! BIOS is the latest, of course. NUC is directly connected to Panasonic Plasma TV. Nothing changed. With the upcoming Ubuntu 14.04 it should work everything fine. If not, i will be really curios about Intels further statements...

            Dont forget: The NUC are officially "Linux-Compatible". So i really would appreciate, if the Linux Support outside of Kernel-Developers is getting more than a fashionable phenomenon.. Thank you anyway!