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    DG45ID - Experience and questions re: wireless input devices



      So far, the build has been extremely smooth.  Ordered board from Newegg last week and it was shipped with the april 09 bios.  Easy upgrade to latest.  Now I have everything working but for a case (probably will go with Antec micro-atx case.)  I have an E5200 installed with 4gb of Geil memory running of course at CAS 5.  I am using Vista 64bit and will eventually have MCE start automatically.  ITunes, TV Capture, and internet will be the functions in my HTPC..  I need a wireless input device I think keyboard would be best and don't want to spend too much.  I also have a Harmony remote and it would be great if I could get the Harmony remote and keyboard to each control the HTPC.  What is the latest word on wireless input devices and compatibility with DG45ID?


      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated