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    HD4000 Driver negatively affects ASIO audio performance.


      I confirmed this with 4 different Mac Mini 2013 running windows 7 ultimate x64. That recent versions of Intel HD4000 Graphic Driver updates are having problems with the (Digital Audio Workstation)DAW software's ASIO performance. The symptom manifests whenever there is a GUI element on the screen that needs to be redrawn(ie. resizing/moving window, scrolling webpages), it causes the audio to click and pop. Rolling back to older versions of the graphic display driver resolves this problem immediately. Tested DAWs are most recent version of Reaper, multiple versions of Samplitude. The audio hardware is RME-audio UFX, FF400 and Babyface. They're the best in class and they did run smoothly and trouble free from the date of purchase till now. So they're not the source of this problem. Can you guys give me some tips on how to get around this without using older versions of the display driver?