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    Centrino Advanced N 6230 Bluetooth not working - Windows 8


      I recently upgraded my WiFi card from a Ralink to the Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6230. I have an HP Envy Dv7 that was Windows 8 and upgraded to Windows 8.1. I swapped the WiFi cards and the wireless connection is working great. Originally the Ralink did not have Bluetooth and in order to get it, i had to use a USB dongle. Once installed the new card i downloaded the updated drivers and downloaded the Proset wireless software and Bluetooth drivers. however, after uninstalling and re-installing multiple times and after multiple restarts, the Bluetooth option is not even showing up in the windows 8 charm, whatever, area, in the tray or under the device manager. the only place that i see any signs of the Bluetooth driver download is in the programs and features next to the proset wireless software. So, if anyone could help me i would greatly appreciate it, thanks in advance.