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    Mini-Displayport to VGA converter problem with Win8.1 Pro and HD Graphics 4400


      To connect my Dell Latitude E7440 to a beamer, I use a Mini-Displayport to VGA converter from Dell. It works for some beamers so the cable is probably not broken. However, some other beamers are not detected correctly (no image, nothing) and all display related control panels (Windows resolution control panel and Intel HD graphics control panel) freeze completely.


      So, the laptop detects that there is something connected to it, but it does not manage to communicate with these beamers correctly. Many other laptops manage to connect to these beamers with which I have problems now, so the beamers are not the problem.


      Configuration: Windows 8.1 Pro, Intel Core i7 with Intel HD Graphics 4400. Latest Windows Update, Dell updates and Intel drivers installed (and reinstalled, version verified with Intel driver update utility). So updating drivers not possible.


      I tried setting the resolution of the built-in screen to 800x600 before connecting to the beamers, but to no avail.


      Suggestions welcome, because the doubt that the beamer will work or not is really a deal breaker for an ultrabook and mobility... Thanks in advance.