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    Intel GMA X4500MHD Driver Issues




      I posted in another forum, be it the right area or not there was no response.


      Basically I'm wondering if any one can tell me or give an idea of when the drivers for the GMA 4-series laptop and desktop will see a revision as currently I experience several issues with compatibility (software) and the drivers malfunction (i.e. not responding) all the time.


      With that, I don't think there has been a significant driver update for a long time where in contrast this isn't the case with the likes of nVIDIA or ATI, so clearly I'm disappointed that the most recent of integrated chips hasn't recieved much support to my knowledge.


      Anyway, that's my predicament and I know of others that are experiencing odd compatibility issues or malfunctions in the display driver and I'm curious as too if Intel are providing on-going research into optimizing these chips and if a software update will follow, obviously the sooner the better.