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    Help! DZ87KLT-75K won't POST anymore!


      Since yesterday the board is looping during POST. It starts and sthen shutdowns immidiatley. After a lot of attempts (50?) I am getting a "BIOS detected unsuccessful POST attempts, this may be due to changes in the performance options or recent hardware changes" messages. I can then either try to enter BIOS or continue. Yesterday I entered the bios, did nothing, exited and then it booted in windows. Today it isn't the case. I was able to enter BIOS once, I tried to reset default values just in case (had to configure RAID on SATA1 back though). After I exited, the POST starting looping again.


      Of course I did no hardware change and no change to the performance options either! And I am pretty sure BIOS settings have always been the default ones before as well (except a RAID configuration).


      So, what is the problem?? What should I do? If I have to RMA the board and get the same one, am I going to have a chance to reuse all RAID configured drives without a problem?


      I never updated BIOS either, version is KLZ8711D-86A.0336.2013.0516.1957