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    Sysfs PWM programming



      I'm in the process of developing a module for node.js to facilitate GPIO programming from JavaScript applications. I've been following Sergey's blog, successfully so far. With regard to the subject of this post, I have read Activate PWM signals from Linux command line, Interrupt and PWM on Galileo, Building Wiring library with eglibc (on the board), Frequency Counter,  PWM on Galileo board in an arduino sketch, and PWM signals from the Galileo. In addition to this, I've also tried to reality check by running the pyGalileo Fade.py example, for which I filed this bug: SetPWMValue does not work correctly · Issue #1 · galileo-chofrock/pyGalileo · GitHub.




      Despite following all of the recommended methods and spending several days experimenting, I'm still unable to reliably produce the expected observable effects of a PWM signal. I've described it this way specifically because writing to the duty_cycle is not the problem.