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    Intel DH87MC can not shut down pc.


      Hello again all,
      have another problem with my Intel DH87MC motherboard. When i press shutdown the pc make restart. Can not shutdown pc.Sleep state working fine.
      PC spets:
      Intel DH87MC
      Intel i5 4570
      3x4 Gb ram Kingston HyperX Black
      Corsair RM850 PSU
      Seagate SSHD 1 Tb
      Asus BD-writer
      XFX 5830 1gb
      Windows 8.1 Enterprise OS

      Connected to USB: Mouse, Keyboard, Bluetooth adapter, Smart Card Reader,

      1 Router to Lan Slot


      The PC everytime shutdown normal without any errors and power light goes out then 1-2 sec starts itself. Friend have same problem with same board.
      Wake on Lan Enabled for Remote Wake Up. Friend have not enabled and same error.
      What the error ?

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          I have the same issue with similar Board Intel DH87RL.


          Intel i7

          1 x 4gb ram Kingston 1300

          Ultra 750W PSU

          LG DVD Writer

          Windows 7

          Connected to USB, just Keyboard and Mouse


          same Issue

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            Guys, thanks for sharing this behavior with us, I will try to find a solution for it.

            I would recommend you both, to please remove all devices and keep the motherboard with minimum configuration such as board, processor, and power supply.

            • Since there is not memory, the system should give you 3 beeps.
            • Once you performed that step, please include 1 memory stick on DIMM#1 and restart the system. Try to access the BIOS.
            • Check which BIOS version do you have installed? Please provide me this information.
            • Start including the rest of the devices, one by one. This is necessary in order to find out which is the one causing this behavior.

            Let me know the results.

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              before doing this i had updated to the newest update BIOS with same results.


              then i followed your steps just to discover that my Issue was having the mSATA hard drive in the motherboard slot i used 2 different ones with the same results.


              Bought this boards specifically for the use of mSATA and now im using it with an adapter, defeats the whole purpose, but at least is working.


              so I found a Solution for my Issue, YES. but the purpose of the board is Useless I suppose.


              I hope there is a fix for this. =S


              thank you Sylvia.

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                I'm so sorry to hear about this, Tichano.

                I would recommend you to contact our Warranty department so they can help you replacing the board,