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    Intel Matrix Storage RAID5 rebuild issue


      I have ASUS P5Q MB with Intel Matrix Storage ROM V. Configured as RAID5 with fife HDDs. This was running for several years with no problems. When HDD died I had replaced bad HDD and RAID rebuilt itself. Then HDD I used become unavailable so I purchased different one, bigger. I have upgraded one HDD with bigger HDD and RAID rebuilt itself just fine.

      So before my problem started I had 4 HDD same size (1TB) and 1 HDD (1.5TB). Then one  1TB HDD died and I have replaced it with (1.5TB). Once I did it my RAID start losing files. When I check RAID Configuration utility (available when computer boots) the RAID status is showing Degraded but all fife HDD are fine (No Errors reported). It is already a week+ since I replaced failed HDD so auto rebuild should finish by now.


      Not sure what I can do to fix problem. Please help.


      MB - ASUS P5Q with bios ver 1611 build 11/26/08

      Intel Matrix Storage 8.0.0 1038