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      Is anyone else using embedXcode?  There is not an exact Galileo version, but I use the Arduino Uno version and then copy/paste into my Arduino(Galileo) IDE.  I have been in contact with the developer and he says that he needs a board in order to develop the Galileo version.  Does anyone know if intel would consider giving him a board?  I also recommended that he set up a donation box. 

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          Hi JacobKBluhm,


          We appreciate your interest in expanding the Galileo features, this community was designed mainly for  product support , project assistance (libraries, hardware functionality and compatibility). Unfortunately we currently can not provide a  board for your/his project, please keep in mind that  If you/he decides to get a board and start a project we will be more than glad to provide all the assistance and information that you or him could require.


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            embedXcode supports the Galileo and Galileo Gen 2 boards since release 171.


            I hope to add support for the Edison board, should I have one!