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    Inconsistent update notices for HD4600


      The attached screenshot tells it all. I have downloaded the ( version now and will install it soon. But I just want some clarification about why there are so many inconsistencies and problems when it comes to simply updating a graphics driver. Thanks.


      Edit: I'm actually gonna wait and see before I update. Seems like lots of people are having problems with the new versions. I'll wait to get a confirmation from someone that it's safe to upgrade.   

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          What you are seeing is two different methods for checking for driver updates.


          The Intel Driver Update Utility checks for Intel specific drivers and if there is a newer version available on Intel Download Center. These are generic drivers for specific chipsets and have no OEM customizations.


          The Windows Device Manager checks for update on Microsoft Windows Update (WU). WU may not have the latest available drivers and WU relies on OEM's to submit drivers to WU for availability to users through WU.

          Additionally, OEM's may submit customized drivers to WU that will only install on specific models of their systems. This will prevent generic drivers from overwriting the customizations they supply with their customized driver for functionality, performance, etc.


          As for the error you are seeing, that leads me to believe your system has OEM customized drivers installed on it. What are the details of your system?


          Here is the error from Microsoft:


          Windows Update error 80070103


          If you receive Windows Update error 80070103 while installing updates, you might be trying to install a driver that is already installed on your computer or a driver that might be less compatible than one you already have installed. To find more information or to get help, try these options:

          Error codes this applies to:

          • WindowsUpdate_80070103
          • 0x80070103
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            My specs are listed here, in the System Spec tab:

            Windows 7 Help Forums - View Profile: terrorist96

            Let me know if there's something specific you're looking for that's not listed there.


            Is it safe to go ahead and install the driver I downloaded from this site? I saw others posting that they had some problems with their installations.


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              Yes, you should be able to update to this driver. Keep in mind if the system has an OEM (Clevo) specific driver with customization, you will loose them when install the generic driver from Intel Download Center. Additionally, if the current driver is OEM customized, you will have to use the device manager "Have Disk" method to update it.

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                Thanks. I updated and it works fine after rebooting. There aren't any customizations as far as I know because this computer was shipped without an OS cuz I wanted to install it myself.