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    Can you do this please Intel?


      Could you guys at Intel make a Special BIOS for us gamers with the unfortunate thing of having no Graphics card. Oh the Integrated stuff is good....But not for new games. With this BIOS could you set the lowest card at just above 500mb and the highest card at a bit below 1gb, maybe 800mb? It would really make our days because half the time our games do not even run a game at a playable pace! Take Minecraft for instance, not very demanding game. With the Intel HD 3000 I get 30fps maybe, but then I get huge lag spikes! I know you guys will all be hard at work but could a few of you take some time out to improve some of our experiences? Hell, If you guys did this I'd go as far as recommending not getting a graphics card!!!!! Because the intergrated ones are good enough already! Hopefully you will understand our pain and use your wisdom to help us.